Download BluffTitler Ultimate Full Crack

Download BluffTitler Ultimate 15.5 Full Version. BluffTitler Ultimate Create brilliant 3D titles for your videos with BluffTitler Ultimate. Want to impress your friends and customers with cool 3D titles? But don’t want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation as well as titling video software.

BluffTitler is the easiest way to add breathtaking 3D text animations to your pictures and videos! Other 3D programs always seem too hard to learn and too expensive to justify. But thanks to BluffTitler, I can finally create all the amazing animations I only dreamed of before!

Features BluffTitler Ultimate

  • Create 3D titles, advertising banners
  • Many 3D special effects
  • New MP4 profiles in the driver tab of the options dialog
  • New image layer style (fullscreen ineground)
  • New text, scrolling cards, and shadow artifacts
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

Download BluffTitler Ultimate

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Run the setup file to install
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Download GiliSoft Video Editor 14.2.0 Full Crack

GiliSoft Video Editor software supports editing video files in many formats such as AVI, MPEG, H.264, SWF, MOV, WMV, … to run on popular devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, etc. PS3,…..

Besides, it also provides users with a lot of effects, helping you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation for your videos. Lots of different filters to help you get the perfect video. In particular, GiliSoft Video Editor also supports inserting watermark for your videos. With this feature you will not worry when your video will be copyrighted. Output video quality GiliSoft Video Editor ensures you get clear video, sound, high quality images.

Download GiliSoft Video Editor 14.2.0

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Install software
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Download Movavi Video Suite 22.0 Full Version

Download Movavi Video Suite 22 (32-bit/64-bit) full version, Movavi Video Suite 22.0 Cracked download. Movavi Video Suite is a comprehensive video-making program for Windows that helps you create professional-looking movies and slideshows on your home computer – even if you have no experience.

Movavi’s video maker combines many possibilities for working with multimedia. If you are looking for video-making software that will help you create videos, convert media files, and capture screens, then Movavi Video Suite is the best bet.

In addition to the video-making app, Movavi Video Suite contains several helpful apps to help every video maker: a powerful video converter that supports 180+ media formats, a convenient utility for burning DVDs, a unique tool for digitizing analog video, and more.

Features of Movavi Video Suite 22

  • Delete unnecessary elements and add others that you want to include in your video.
  • Use Slow motion, Reverse, Chroma Key, and other effects.
  • Experiment with more than 160 filters, link different clips with transitions, add captions.
  • Choose Easy mode, and the program will automatically make a clip from your videos and photos.
  • Convert videos, audios, images in seconds.
  • Convert between different media formats, including AVI, MKV, MOV; AAC, MP3; GIF, JPG, and more.
  • Keep the quality of the original video, even if it’s in HD or Ultra HD.
  • Save your time by converting several files at once.
  • Easily capture your screen in high quality.
  • Record only what you need – without any unnecessary details.
  • Record from a microphone and a webcam while capturing the screen.
  • Set the timer, and the program will start recording the screen when needed.
  • Make a slideshow with music and effects in a few easy steps.
  • Copy video from your computer to CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs.
  • Sweep the dust off your collection of old video cassettes with movies and family videos.
  • Publish videos on popular resources in a matter of seconds.

Download Movavi Video Suite 22.0

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Install app (don’t launch the app)
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Download Movavi Video Editor Plus 22 Full Crack

Download Movavi Video Editor Plus 22 Full Version, Movavi Video Editor Plus is powerful yet easy-to-use video processing software for Windows such as applying video filters and effects, adding music…

Movavi Video Editor Plus contains extensive software to help you easily edit Edit videos as you want with little time and effort.

Movavi Video Editor Plus Features

Cut unnecessary parts on video

  • Cut your video into as many segments as you want
  • Rotate and trim videos, remove unwanted segments
  • Join frame by frame or video clip with more than 20 transitions

Improve video quality on Movavi Video Editor Plus

  • Adjust video sharpness
  • Improve brightness, contrast, and other color settings
  • Stabilize any shaking
  • Automatically improve video quality with Magic Enhance

Upload media files

  • Transfer recordings from your camera or camcorder to your computer
  • Record webcam footage, record your voice through microphone
  • Upload video and audio files in any of the popular formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MP3, WMA

Apply a title to the video

  • Choose from over 100 fonts
  • Experiment with word art
  • Set color, size and other text parameters
  • Create stylish text background
  • Rotate captions in any direction

Save videos Movavi Video Editor Plus

  • Save video clips in popular video and audio formats to play on your computer
  • Use smart output presets for viewing on smartphones , tablets and other mobile devices
  • Upload to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

Download Movavi Video Editor Plus 22.0

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Install app, (don’t launch the app)
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Download Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 v9.0 Full

Download Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 for Adobe, OFX Full version. Boris FX Mocha is the Academy Award-winning planar tracking tool for visual effects and post-production. With a proven record on the world’s most notable film and television projects, Mocha is valued by effects artists and editors for its unique ability to reduce the time-consuming keyframing associated with high-end VFX and finishing.

Mocha is the world’s most recognized and powerful planar tracking tool for VFX and post-production. Mocha Pro features GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, lens calibration, 3D camera solver, stereo 360/VR support, and more.

It adds industry-standard OpenColorIO color management for consistent and predictable color display across industry workflows. OCIO support is compatible with the Academy Color Encoding Specification (ACES) and enables improved color-managed workflows with high-end post-production and VFX applications such as Silhouette, Foundry’s NUKE, Autodesk Flame, Avid Media Composer, and more.

Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 Features

  • New workspaces with Mocha Essentials interface
  • GPU-accelerated object removal delivers faster rendering
  • New spline tools for faster masking: Magnetic Spline with edge snapping, Freehand Spline, and Geometric Shape Tools
  • Retina/High DPI monitor resolution support
  • Award-winning 360/VR tools now included
  • Stereo 360 planar tracking & masking
  • Unique spherical 360 workspace
  • Horizon stabilization & reorient
  • New & improved GPU-accelerated object removal
  • Stereoscopic masking tools: Anaglyph view, L/H Hero mode
  • Lens workflow for Equirectangular to flattened conversions

Download Boris FX Mocha Pro 2022 v9.0

Size: 199 MB

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Install software
  • Copy files bsc.dll and bfx-license-tool into the folder

C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Mocha Pro 2022\bin

  • Copy the GenArts folder into


  • Completed

Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Pre-Activated

Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Pre-Activated, Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Full Crack, Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Full Version.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 is a versatile and easy-to-use video editing package that offers several automated tools for editing and organizing your videos.

With Premiere Elements, you can add images, animated titles, effects that move with the subject, transitions, moving menus, cartoon looks, different tracks, hundreds of sound effects, and much more to your video images.

You can even choose from various instant templates and fast edit functions or use 18 different step-by-step guided functions, including the new Freeze Frames with moving titles and Bounce-Back effects.

You can also make corrections to your imagery, such as image stabilization, removing haze for a clear and sharp image, and solving audio problems. And when you’re done, you can share your films directly from the software on Facebook, Youtube, and video or burn them to DVDs.

Features of Adobe Premiere Elements 2022

  • Easy to use and automated video editing
  • Easily and quickly create fantastic and creative films
  • 20 step-by-step guided editing functions
  • More than 50 tracks and 250 sound effects
  • Supports editing and viewing 4K video
  • Effects, transitions, text, cartoon look
  • Images, moving menus and credits

Download Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 Pre-Activated

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Just install, pre-activated

Download PowerDirector Ultimate 20 Full Crack

Download CyberLink PowerDirector 20 Ultimate full version, it delivers professional-grade video editing and production for creators of all levels. Whether you’re editing in 360, Ultra HD 4K or even the latest online media formats, PowerDirector remains the definite video editing solution for anyone, whether they are beginners or professionals.

One of the coolest new features in PowerDirector is a multi-camera editing mode. It is a powerful system for creating video synchronizing, combining, and color matching clips shot from various perspectives of the same scene. Once that would only have been needed by studios, but now that video blogging is becoming more sophisticated and often uses multiple cameras.

Chroma key masking has also been enhanced to allow you to select multiple color ranges for the mask in cases where the screen isn’t perfect. Rather than creating a complete mess of a stack on a single project timeline, you can work on one piece of a project and then incorporate it into a parent project. Beyond those headline features, PowerDirector 17 has quite a few other interesting upgrades including integrated audio editing:

CyberLink PowerDirector 20 Ultimate Features

  • Express Video Creation
  • Action Camera Center
  • Simplified Color Adjustment
  • One-click Color Correction
  • Intelligent Color Match
  • Color Grading like the Pros
  • Customizable Design Tools
  • New Effects – Title Designer
  • Enhanced – PiP Designer
  • Enhanced – Theme Designer
  • New Brush Tool – Masks Designer
  • Enhanced – Subtitle Room
  • 360 Video Stabilization
  • True360 View Designer

CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 20.0.2106.0

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Installation Instructions

  1. Remove all old versions of software candles  IObit uninstall
  2. Add the following to the hosts file in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
  3. Run the Setup file to install the software
  4. Exit settings when done
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  7. Tested and running OK, watch the installation instruction video

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 10.0.2109.0 Free Download

Download CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra Full version, It is an essential tool for making impressions, telling stories, and evoking responses from your video viewers.

ColorDirector is a way for video color editors of all skill levels to dramatically improve their projects. Think of it like Lightroom for video. Use advanced tools to control color and lighting for outstanding results!

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 9.0.2316.0 Free Download

Change the look of your entire clip with adjustable Global Tone Level presets, or make precise color adjustments to selected parts of video footage with regional adjustment tools.

Import and export Look-up Tables (LUTs) for professional color grading control. Match footage from one source to another in order to achieve a particular effect throughout a video with this video color editor feature.

Quickly add drama and focus to your videos by turning them to black and white while retaining selected parts of the clip in color. A great way to draw the viewers eye and create memorable videos.

Completely change the look of objects in your video with our video color editor’s Color Shift. Sliding the Color Wheel lets you remap the colors in your video to give it an entirely different feel.

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra Features

  • Global & Regional Adjustment Tools
  • Improved LUT Support
  • Motion Tracking & Selection Masks
  • 360º Video Support
  • Round-trip Editing
  • Automatic Noise Reduction
  • Effortless Dehazing
  • Built-in Movie Presets
  • Adjustable Presets with Keyframe Support
  • Color Splash
  • Color Shift
  • High Frame Rate Video Support

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra 10.0.2109.0 download link

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Remove the old version if available with professional removal software like Iobit Uninstall
  • Run the file ColorDirector_10.0.2109.0_Ultra to install
  • Add the hosts file in the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts the following 2 lines
  • Run the Codec Activation file in the Cr’@ck folder with the password word SamuRa1
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  • Tested and running OK, watch the installation instruction video

TechSmith Camtasia 2021 Free Download

Download TechSmith Camtasia 2021 Studio full version for Windows PC, Camtasia 2021 makes it easy to record your screen and create polished, professional-looking videos.

The Best All-In-One. Screen Recorder and Video Editor. Camtasia 2020 makes it simple to record and create professional-looking videos. Camtasia 2020’s new video templates make it easier than ever to create the video you need.

Camtasia Studio is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, CD-ROM and portable media players, including iPod. With support for a variety of video standards, you can ensure your content delivery now and in the future.

Features of TechSmith Camtasia 2021 Studio

  • Pre-built video templates reduce editing time. Create custom templates for videos you frequently make.
  • Share templates, libraries, themes, shortcuts, favorites, and presets in a single file.
  • Instantly access your most used tools and effects. Save custom styles and configurations for frequent use.
  • Record anything on your computer screen–websites, software, video calls, or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Camtasia’s simple drag-and-drop editor makes adding, removing, trimming, or moving sections of video or audio a breeze.
  • Customize any of the royalty-free assets in the Camtasia library and add them to your video for a professional polish.
  • Add a personal touch to your videos by adding crisp video and audio straight from your webcam.
  • Add quizzes and interactivity to encourage and measure learning in your videos.
  • Use transitions between scenes and slides to improve the flow of your videos.
  • Add an interactive table of contents to your video to create navigation points for your viewers.
  • Instantly upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast, or your online video course.

Download Camtasia Studio 2021.0.10 Build 32921

Size: 728MB

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Installation and Activation

  • View readme file to install

VSDC Video Editor Pro Free Download

VSDC Video Editor Pro is intended for editing video files and creating videos of any complexity involving various visual and audio effects.

VSDC Video Editor Pro features a modern and highly intuitive interface that uses all kinds of wizards to make video creation and editing as simple and hassle-free as possible. Despite the simplicity of the user interface, the program offers plenty of features that allow users to create long and complex videos.

Unlike other video editors, this software solution enables you to rearrange your selected files, adjust their length and size until you are pleased with the outcome. You can also create new scenes and add them to your project if you are not satisfied with the items you have added.

You can create diagrams of different kinds, including 3D diagrams: Bar, Stacked Bar, Point, Bubble, Line, Scatter Line, Fast Line, Step Line, Spline, Area, Spline Area, Stacked Area, Stacked Spline Area, Range Bar, Gantt, Pie, Pie 3D, Torus 3D, Radar Point, Radar Line, Radar Area, Radar Spline, Radar Spline Area, Funnel, Pyramid, Pyramid 3D, High Low, Candle Stick.

These objects can be based on dynamically changing data of different types. Besides, the appearance of diagrams is fully customizable (appearance of charts, coordinate axes, user-defined axes, legends, names of charts and axes, lines, labels, and other elements), which will help you tailor them to your specific needs. Integrated color themes make it possible to change the way your charts look quickly.

Features of VSDC Video Editor Pro 6

  • Non-linear video editor
  • Visual and audio effects
  • Blending modes and Instagram-like filters
  • Masking
  • Easy export to social networks
  • Subpixel accuracy
  • Support of popular formats
  • 4K and HD export
  • Creation of videos for specific multimedia devices
  • Working with charts
  • Video library
  • Video stabilization tool
  • YouTube uploader
  • Built-in DVD burning tool
  • Video File Converter
  • Desktop video capture
  • Video capturing

Download VSDC Video Editor Pro Full

Size: 204 MB

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Run the Setup file to install the software
  • After the installation is complete, go to the Cr’@ck folder and copy the VideoEditor file into the software installation folder
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