Download Valentin TSOL 2021 R3 Full Version

Download Valentin TSOL 2021 R3 Full Version, Valentin TSOL 2021 Free Download, TSOL 2021 R3 Full License download.

Valentin TSOL is a special simulation software that allows you to calculate the performance of a solar heating system quite dynamically during a one-year cycle with high accuracy. Using this program, you can design solar heating systems in a completely optimal way and perform calculations such as the dimensions of solar cells, storage tanks, as well as calculating the economic efficiency of the project. This program has more than 200 predefined systems in its database that are defined for different purposes and users can select and customize one of them based on their needs, of course, if the system you need is not included in this list easily. You can manually set all the parameters and technical characteristics and finally get the desired output.

Features Valentin TSOL software

  •  It has various components such as: hybrid tanks, buffer tanks, hot water source, heating support, swimming pools and…
  • It has weather information of 8000 places in the world and the possibility of determining the weather condition you want
  • View and model solar cells in real dimensions for the roofs of residential houses
  • Display the energy required for indoor heating and hot water systems separately
  • Predefined settings and models
  • Report the results of the analysis in the form of charts and graphic charts and information tables
  • Determine the number of collector cells needed to collect energy

Download Valentin TSOL 2021 R3

Size: 276 MB

Google drive download link:  DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass: 123

Installation and activation Instructions

  • Copy & Replace cracked files to installation folder

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