SketchFX Ex 3.0.2 for SKetchup Free Download

SketchFX Ex for SKetchup is used to add advanced artistic art rendering to Sketchup. This program adds artistic rendering to SketchUp. In just one click, you will create beautiful previews of your models, choosing among a wide range of customizable presets (watercolor, pencil, depth-of-field, motion-blur and many more).

You have tons of filters to create your own effect: hue-saturation-value, brightness-contrast, gamma-exposure, blur, radial blur, bloom, fog, depth of field, vignette, artistic paint, image from file, scene, style and constant color, scene transition, masks.

Features of SketchFX Ex for SKetchup

  • Fast visualization effects and animation for SketchUp
  • All SketchFX Pro features
  • Render animations
  • Support for Animator by Fredo6
  • Extensive list of predefined custom rendering effects
  • Ambient Occlusion integration
  • Tons of filters to create your own effect

Download SketchFX Ex 3.0.2 for SKetchup

Size: 35 MB

Google drive download link:  DOWNLOAD  | Mega download link:  DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass:

Installation and activation instructions

  • Unzip the downloaded file, we have the file SketchFXEx-3.0.2.rbz
  • In SketchUp, choose Window > Extensions Manager
  • Click the Install button below
  • Select SketchFXEx-3.0.21.rbz file to install
  • Copy the files in the Fix folder to C:\Users\YOU_USER\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins\SketchFXEx\
  • Restart Sketchup