Download BoomLibrary – Nature Essentials Stereo Edition

Some great features of Nature Essentials Stereo Edition:

THE comprehensive NATURE AMBIENCE TOOLKIT NATURE ESSENTIALS is your very first SFX library by a string of Absolutely magnificent nature records by Emmy-winner and character Recording genius Gordon Hempton. Hempton has searched the world for more Than three years to record character at its most pristine. INCLUDED SOUNDS – KEYWORDS NATURE, WIND, THUNDER, RAIN, INSECTS, SURF, TROPICAL FORESTS, DECIDUOUS FORESTS, OCEAN SHORES, PRAIRIES, WETLANDS, CANYONS, DESERTS, MAMMAL, ESSENTIALS, BASICS, NATURAL, SOUNDSCAPES, WILDLIFE PREMIUM SELECTION OF NATURAL SOUNDSCAPES NATURE ESSENTIALS provides all the necessary components to Instantly create stunning all-natural soundscapes. The sonic palette comprises Wind, rain, thunder, flows, surf, and a vast choice of ambiances and wildlife vocalizations. These audio files are unmixed so you can confidently Present real places or creatively combine something distinctively yours. USEFUL CATEGORIES AND GUIDES Additionally, these documents are embedded together with metadata offering Geographical location, the bird species or creatures that are discovered, and information on The way to use a specific sound to attain the best outcomes.

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