Gearotic Motion 4.920

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Gearotic is a CAD/CAM 3D software package aimed to assist with your geared mechanical creations. It was primarily designed as a gear template generator, but developed into a utility package we hope you’ll find useful. Gearotic will generate gears individually or combine them to create a moving gear train. Software allows you to simulate, animate, create toolpaths for cnc mode or iexport as 3D models. Inside, you’ll find a variety of gear types such as spur, cage, non circular, planetary gears, sprocket, timing pulley, bevel, root blower, geneva, racks, escapements and more. Our spur gears may be done in a helical or bevel form which can then be outputed in Straight, Helix or Zerol formats. These outputs include STL files for 3D printing, 2D DXF format for most Cad programs, 1:1 scale printouts for woodworking patterns or G-Code for CNC users.

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