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Download Neevia Document Converter Pro 7.2 Full Version. Neevia Document Converter Pro is a software product that automatically converts Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/365, WordPerfect, HTML, AutoCAD DWG/DWF, EML, MSG, PostScript and many other documents to type to PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PCX, BMP. It works both in batch mode via folder or email scanning and in live mode via COM component (ActiveX). Document Converter can be configured to accept text – this is called OCR – for converting images and PDF files and comes with support for printing input files directly to a physical printer instead of transferring them. convert them to PDF or images.

Neevia Document Converter Pro software provides a reliable and stable conversion process. Document Converter Pro is easy to install and is used by companies in the legal, pharmaceutical, insurance and many other fields that create massive documents. The goal of Neevia Document Converter Pro is to help your company create a PDF/Image standard that can be integrated into your workflow with ease and affordability.

Features of Neevia Document Converter Pro

  • Unlimited number of conversions
  • Multi-threaded conversion
  • Multiple input directories, each with its own configuration
  • Conversion Scheduler
  • Monitor and convert files from multiple email accounts
  • Failover and high-performance clustering support – more info
  • Text recognition support – called OCR
  • No Adobe software required
  • Supports more than 300 file types
  • Convert HTML files with support for CSS, SSL, Java and Flash images
  • Convert MS Word hyperlinks/titles to pdf links/bookmarks
  • Convert MS Word form fields to PDF form fields
  • Embedded fonts, resolutions, compression and multi-language support
  • 128/256 bit PDF Encryption Encrypt existing PDF files
  • Convert MS Excel hyperlinks/titles to pdf links/bookmarks
  • Convert MS Powerpoint hyperlink/title to pdf link/bookmark
  • PDF merge and split function
  • Add watermark and stationery – fully supported unicode Stamp existing PDFs
  • ActiveX object included during conversion
  • Convert to PDF, PostScript, TIFF (including Layer F), BMP, PNG, PCX, JPEG

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Installation and activation Instructions

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TalkHelper PDF Converter Cracked download. TalkHelper PDF Converter is a comprehensive PDF converter that allows you to convert PDF to any other format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, etc.) and convert other formats to PDF. With OCR function, it can also convert scanned PDF into editable Word/Excel documents.

With TalkHelper PDF Converter OCR, it’s easy to split, merge any PDF file into one or more PDF files, you can also extract pages from existing PDF files and save it to a new PDF file. TalkHelper PDF Converter already supports converting scanned image-based PDF/PDF files into editable Word or Excel documents in 46 languages ​​including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, etc.

Features of TalkHelper PDF Converter

Convert to PDF with Multi-Format Support

  • – DOC to PDF, DOCX to PDF, ODT to PDF: Convert common office documents to PDF.
  • – PPT to PDF: Convert Microsoft PowerPoint to PDF.
  • – XLS to PDF, XLSX to PDF, ODS to PDF: Convert spreadsheet to PDF format.
  • – HTML to PDF, HTM to PDF: Convert hypertext to PDF.
  • – TIFF to PDF, JPG to PDF, BMP to PDF, PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF: Convert popular image formats to PDF.
  • – DWG to PDF: Convert AutoCAD DWG files to PDF.

Convert from PDF

  • – PDF to DOC / DOCX / ODT: Convert PDF to Microsoft Word documents.
  • – PDF to PPT: Convert PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  • – PDF to XLS / XLSX / ODS: Convert PDF to Excel format.
  • – PDF to HTML: Convert PDF documents to HTML.
  • – PDF to image: Convert PDF to popular image formats (JPG / PNG / TIFF / BMP / GIF).
  • – PDF to Epub: Convert PDF to eBook format.

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Installation and activation Instructions

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Download PDF-XChange Pro 9 Full Version, PDF-XChange Pro Free License download. PDF-XChange Pro is a versatile PDF creation and manipulation application that offers a wide range of useful and powerful features that will help you easily work with PDF files. The application is very flexible and allows you to easily create and modify PDF files. PDF-XChange Pro provides a powerful and flexible set of tools for working with PDF files, such as the new PDF-XChange Editor, the OFFice2PDF batch utility, and the Toolbar Addin that allows you to easily convert PDF files. convert multiple file types (.pub , .ppt, .xls, .vsd and .doc) into PDF files.

By using PDF-XChange Pro, you will always get the smallest files in size, and you will benefit from fast and reliable PDF creation and manipulation tools. The program will allow you to print to PDF from your most used application, allowing you to use a powerful PDF converter, PDF reader and a package of advanced PDF manipulation utilities.

PDF-XChange Pro has been redesigned and now benefits from a brand new, faster and highly optimized PDF conversion engine. The image conversion has also been improved. The application supports the Acrobat X password security handler 6th Revision. PDF-XChange Editor Pro provides advanced and powerful compression and optimization technology for your PDF files. You can also create PDF files from the output of any application that runs in MS Windows OS. The program gives you full control over the PDF creation functions and also allows you to convert MS Office documents into PDF files.

PDF-XChange Editor Pro also provides security for your documents, allowing you to set licensing and password protection options for them. PDF-XChange Editor Pro allows you to convert image files to PDF files or PDF files to image formats, such as JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

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Download BirdFont 4 Full Version. BirdFont is font editing software that allows you to create vector graphics and export them to TTF, EOT and SVG fonts for use in any text or graphics program.

With the BirdFont editor, you can create vector graphics for each letter of the alphabet as well as for numbers and characters. Either draw them completely free by hand or based on wallpaper. BirdFont creates its own fonts from scratch using a variety of drawing tools that allow you to design vectors for each letter, or you can trace the letters or import them in SVG format. The program can also open existing font files for editing.

BirdFont Features

  • Creating your own font is easy
  • Open source and can be used for free
  • Usable for Mac, Linux and OpenBSD
  • Multiple file formats like TTF, EOT and SVG..

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Download AlterPDF Pro 5.6 Full Version, Download AlterPDF Pro 5.6 Full License, AlterPDF Pro Cracked download.

AlterPDF is a basic set of PDF tools that allows you to convert, modify, and sign your PDF documents. You can convert PDFs to images and vice versa, extract text and images, merge PDFs and more. PDF file into one document, split PDF into multiple files, add watermark, rotate, crop and remove specific pages from PDF file and more.The program also allows you to encrypt (password protected), solve code, sign, and change metadata in PDF files. All operations can be performed on a single file or in batch mode for multiple PDF documents.AlterPDF provides a wide range of PDF manipulation tools, however each tool is limited in features. Basic functionality and supported image formats do not include PNG.

AlterPDF now allows you to convert PDF files to images and vice versa, extract text, images, merge or split multiple PDF files, rotate, crop, extract or delete pages, as well as provide encryption services. , decrypt and change metadata. AlterPDF impresses at first sight with how well it works, looks simple and intuitive, and the amazing amount of features it offers.

If you are someone who has to deal with PDFs on a daily basis, AlterPDF is a program you should consider trying, as it manages to give you all the tools you might need as a basic user, though There is some waiting time.

Features of AlterPDF Pro

  • Convert PDF to image. You can convert all or selected pages to an image format, such as BMP, JPG, EMF, TIFF.
  • Convert images to PDF. This tool allows you to convert JPG to PDF, convert BMP to PDF.
  • Extract text from PDF. This tool extracts all text content from input PDF file(s) and saves it in structured TXT format.
  • Extract images from PDF. This tool extracts original image objects from PDF files.
  • Merge PDF. Using this tool, you can join multiple PDF files into one document.
  • Split PDF. This function allows you to split a PDF document into multiple files.
  • Rotate the page. You can rotate the desired pages in a PDF document and save it as a new file.
  • Crop PDF pages. This tool cuts a rectangular area on each PDF page and saves the result in a new document.
  • Extract pages from PDF. It extracts selected pages of PDF documents and saves as individual PDF files.
  • Remove pages from PDF. Select the pages you don’t want to see in the PDF and the program will do the rest.
  • Encrypt PDF. You can password protect any PDF document. And to set user permissions.
  • Decrypt password-protected PDF documents.
  • Change PDF metadata. Place information in the PDF file, such as Title, Author, Subject, Keywords and other fields.
  • Print PDF documents.
  • Print output documents directly from the program interface.

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Download Wondershare PDFelement Pro + OCR

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Wondershare PDFelement Professional 8 + OCR Plugin is the most Powerful and Simple PDF solution that changes how you work with your important documents Forever. PDFelement delivers a better way to transform your office documents.

Wondershare PDFelement Professional is professional software that can edit PDF files. This digital tool can manipulate elements in the PDF document such as images, text, pages, backgrounds, watermarks, titles, headers, and footers.

This PDF editor can also adjust the overall style of your document, enhance the font type, and determine its overall size.

It can edit images within a PDF document in an efficient way. By utilizing an array of tools, I could copy, paste, rotate, crop, extract or add images in the PDF documents.

Download Wondershare PDFelement Pro + OCR

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Download Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 20 Full Crack, Download Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 20 Full License.

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 20 is a PDF creation program for engineering and architecture. For working with PDF files, Bluebeam Revu comes in three editions: Standard, CAD and Extreme. and design on PDF files, design by multiple people at the same time and then put them back together into a single file later, differentiation of old and new designs, scan distance and area measurements from incoming designs, OCR conversion, material demounting. Even editing PDF files without AutoCAD can be done very efficiently.

Bluebeam Revu is designed to work with ease. Fast without having to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. Currently, it has been developed up to version 20 by the current Bluebeam has developed. And can be used with iPhone, iPad as well with a simple interface. with many powerful tools and functions

Compatibility Plugins

  • Microsoft Office 2010 – 2019 (Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®) and Office 365®
  • SharePoint® Server 2010 – 2016, SharePoint Foundation 2010 – 2013
  • ProjectWise CONNECT Edition v10
  • AutoCAD 2017 – 2021
  • AutoCAD LT 2017 – 2021
  • Revit 2017 – 2021
  • Navisworks Manage 2017 – 2020, Navisworks Simulate 2017 – 2021
  • SketchUp Pro 2017 – 2020
  • SolidWorks 2017 – 2020

Download Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 20.2.60

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Download Infix PDF Editor Pro 7.6.5 Full Version, Infix PDF Editor Pro 7 Full License download. Infix PDF Editor Pro is a software to process and edit pdf data such as retouching text, changing font, color and size. Infix PDF Editor is a tool that allows you to edit PDF and text documents. Infix includes the type of hyphenation and professional quality justification (H and J) found in packages such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Express . Combined with fine control over letter, word, and line spacing, you can be confident your edits will go undetected. 

Infix PDF Editor Pro is a Quality PDF Editor that offers unparalleled ease of use combined with high quality text formatting. In addition to advanced word processing, Infix provides all the standard editing facilities you would expect such as page trimming, annotation, cutting and pasting between PDF files.

Features of Infix PDF Editor Pro

  • Easily edit text in any PDF
  • Works like a word processor
  • Add and replace photos
  • Copy/paste images, tables and drawings from other PDF files
  • Spell check in five languages
  • Full search and replace
  • Use tabs, margins, and indents

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