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FX Draw Tools provides a highly productive drawing environment designed specifically for math teachers. Quickly create editable, high-quality diagrams for tests, exams, spreadsheets, web pages, presentations and demonstrations. FX Sketch, the free extension of FX Draw Tools, allows you to sketch mathematical diagrams and have them automatically converted into professional-quality drawings that can be edited with the power of FX Draw. Efofex also offers FX Draw subscribers three free bonus programs that provide simple access to some of FX Draw’s powerful equation and charting tools. You can use bonus tools with students or quickly create equations to use in documents.

Features of FX Draw Tools

  • Added normal normal distribution curve chart type
  • Add standard cumulative normal distribution curve chart type
  • Added ability to control all chart types on multi-charts
  • Add smoothing to cumulative histogram type
  • Added ability to change arrow type and size on frequency curves
  • Calculate the probability that shows up on the normal distribution tool when it is not a standard curve.

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Download Articulate Storyline 3.13.26122.0 Full Crack

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Articulate Storyline is interactive course creation software that provides an optimal view of your course on any device. Simply create your course in Storyline 3 and click publish. The new responsive player flexibly adapts to tablet and smartphone screens, providing an optimal view of your course on any device – with no editing required. It supports touchscreen gestures, hides sidebar menus, gets rid of browser chrome, and offers mobile-friendly playback controls.

Features of Articulate Storyline

  • Add captions to courses: Make your courses more accessible to all your learners by adding closed captions. Simply import a caption file for each track and video in your course, then style the caption with any font you want. You can even use triggers to turn captions on and off when you disable chrome player.
  • Let learners manipulate data and slide content with dial-in interactions. Customize the built-in dials or create your own from any object, graphic or image. Use the dial to simulate real-world objects and tasks, or let learners explore cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Create game-like interactions easily with new triggers and motion path features. You can now trigger events when objects intersect, stop intersecting, enter a slide, or leave a slide. And take motion path animation to a whole new level by directing moving objects to the paths they’re traveling in.
  • HTML5 output looks better, runs faster, and supports more features than ever before. All accessibility features, including closed captions and custom tab order, are supported in HTML5 output. And you can choose to publish HTML5-only or HTML5-only courses first.
  • Let Storyline do more for you. With productivity improvements, Storyline 3 finds and replaces fonts in seconds, automatically scales and crop images to fit any placeholder shape, and stays active as you swap shapes. placeholder photo. Now you can also name your motion path, duplicate and attribute multiple slide layers at once, and publish a slide or scene.

Download Articulate Storyline 3.13.26122.0

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Run the storyline-3 file to install the software
  • Does not start when installation is complete, does not activate trial
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ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a leading mind mapping software tool that includes a comprehensive suite of solutions for time-saving mind mapping and design. Create a mind map that visually illustrates your thought process. Organize ideas and data with a comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use productivity tool. Create a variety of document styles and formats. Make presentations directly from mind maps and then export them to MS PowerPoint or Web pages. Perfect for brainstorming, project planning, meeting management, taking notes and more. Apply your creativity to planning, organizing and communicating.

Features of ConceptDraw MINDMAP

  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides data exchange with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, ConceptDraw PROJECT v11, MindManager, XMind and FreeMind. MINDMAP v12 also provides the ability to export to the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v14 file format.
  • ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 provides a set of tools for creating slideshows quickly
  • With ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12, you can easily incorporate graphics into your maps, making them more impactful.
  • Expand any mind map theme using Hypernote
  • Mind maps can be turned into an electronic filing cabinet by adding attachments in any file format
  • Over 20 built-in styled themes, plus the ability to design custom themes make ConceptDraw MINDMAP v12 an impressive visualization tool
  • With the new release of MINDMAP v12, it empowers users in their creative thinking and enables them to more effectively capture, organize and visualize ideas and information, both in professional work and life
  • The new Color Match feature makes it easy to combine Map Theme colors and update them quickly
  • Using color enhances the visual impact of mind maps
  • The new Data and Subject Types panel makes it faster and easier to specify subject types and manage related data.

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Mindjet MindManager is software that helps you create your own ideas and thinking thoughts on paper in the form of mind maps, diagrams, concepts, trees and organizational charts, and manage relationships your contacts and manage your data. This software is designed to improve your workflow and make business processes more efficient.

MindManager can display the pure ideas of your strategic plan visually in mind maps. You can work on multiple projects at once so that each map is displayed in a separate tab. A mental map can include several topics, subtopics, links, notes, images, tags, and attachments. Items in the map can be grouped together or linked together by arrows.

In MindManager, you can define each reminder subject, specify their properties, and associate them with spreadsheet data. MindManager will allow you to assign priority to each item and progressive icons and highlight them with flags, icons and other colored markers. In addition, the AutoCalc feature allows you to add and compare costs.

In addition, you can integrate parts of one or more maps or, in general, multiple maps together. It can also add items from SharePoint or Outlook to the map, or connect the map to a database such as Access, Excel, or SQL Server. You can also extract your project in SharePoint format. In the Brainstorm section of the software, you can generate new and constructive ideas.

Features of Mindjet MindManager

  • The software framework is completely intuitive
  • Project and business tools to identify project needs
  • Fully compatible with Office software (PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint and Outlook).
  • Extract projects as PDF, HTML, images and SharePoint
  • Project management through Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio
  • There is a project review mode
  • Filter search between projects and maps
  • Easily convert maps into processing charts.

Download Mindjet MindManager 2021 v21.1.231

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Run the  Setup file  to install the software, keep Next continuously
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Download DeepL Pro 2.9.12645 Full Crack, Download DeepL Pro 2.9.12645 Full Version. DeepL Pro is an automatic translation service capable of translating from and into seven European languages ​​with significantly higher quality than other online solutions, such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. This program DeepL Pro can translate whole sentences, in the absence of context, with better quality than translators. Emails, essays, blog posts, reports – translate instantly, no matter what or where you’re writing. You have full control over which applications work with DeepL for Windows.

With DeepL Pro, you can translate entire documents with just one click. All fonts, images, and formatting are preserved, giving you the freedom to edit the translated document in any way you want. Get started today and let DeepL Pro translate your Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and text (.txt) files. More formats coming soon!

If you subscribe to the DeepL API plan, you’ll be able to integrate DeepL’s JSON-based REST API into your own products and platforms. This allows you to incorporate the world’s best machine translation technology into many new applications. For example, a company can request that their international service be translated instantly by DeepL Pro, greatly simplifying business procedures and improving customer satisfaction.

Features of DeepL Pro

  • Your text will be deleted as soon as you receive the translation.
  • Unlimited use web translator & fully editable translated documents.
  • Translators can integrate DeepL translations into their favorite translation software.
  • The DeepL API package allows developers to create new applications on top of DeepL’s translation quality.

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Primavera P6 is the product of Oracle, one of the best, most powerful, most reliable programs in the field of project management, design and implementation. This software is a suitable solution for managing projects and plans of all dimensions and sizes and of all levels of difficulty.

Primavera P6 software is also used to schedule and control various projects. In construction, industrial and software projects where various activities are performed frequently, this software can also be used for project scheduling and control as well as cost estimation of projects. that project.

Oracle Primavera, a long-standing product, is used in various forms by 25% of the world’s heavy manufacturing industry. Nearly 40% of general contractors with annual revenue of 5 to 10 million USD use Primavera. For comparison, the P6 software did not participate in the 2008 CFMA study of the US manufacturing industry. The changes from the Primavera P6 version to the Primavera P3 version were more about switching from DOS keyboard shortcuts to icons for mouse clicks.

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Primavera P6 Pro v19.12DOWNLOAD

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • Same as v18, View readme in v19.12

GeoGebra 6 Free Download

GeoGebra is software that performs mathematical calculations at all levels. This program has collected the topics of geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphs and diagrams, statistics and differential and integral calculus in a simple and compact package. This software is one of the leading products in the field of dynamic computing in the mathematical branches, the applications of this product can be very general and can be used for everyday calculations by students. math major. The level of detail and accuracy is so precise that it can be used by modern science and technology researchers in other technical branches of engineering.

In addition to a calculus program, this software is one of the best educational resources to speed up education, especially in pure math. University teachers and professors can use the capabilities of this program to improve teaching for their students at any level and basis. One of the interesting features of this software is the dynamic and direct connection between information tables, algebraic calculations and graphical charts and graphs that help to show the relationship between changes and results. output will be easier.

The GeoGebra user interface is designed to be very simple and user-friendly. Using this program may take only a few hours. Another interesting feature of the program is the ability to create educational websites. Based on various graphical calculations and charts, websites can be designed for course topics and delivered to others.

Features of GeoGebra

  • This math software is completely free and effectively supports learning work
  • Adapts well to any program or project
  • Draw mathematical simulations of algebra, geometry, spreadsheets
  • Support for many drawings in math
  • Fast and accurate execution and math

Download GeoGebra 6

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Installation Instructions

  • Install the software and use it, it’s completely free

Math Resource Studio Professional 7.0.153 Free Download

Math Resource Studio Professional provides students with the precise skills development and math practice they need as part of a differentiated numeracy program.

Create individual or class sets of professional math worksheets, workbooks, or tests quickly and effortlessly saving valuable preparation time and resources. A total of more than 120 unique math worksheet activities in all. And with the many optional settings for each activity, there are literally hundreds of activity configurations available.

Advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiplication with powers of ten, division, division with remainders, division with no remainders, mixed operations, multiple addends, and multiple operations.

Basic addition, doubles addition, addition with regrouping control, division, multiplication, subtraction, subtraction with regrouping control, fact families, input output, make sums, match-ups, mixed operations, pictorial addition, quick facts, word problems with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with fractions, comparing fractions, division with whole numbers, fraction identification with grids and rectangles, fractions and decimals, mixed numbers and improper fractions, mixed operations with fractions, multiplication and division with whole numbers, equivalent fractions, and simplifying fractions.

Math Resource Studio Features

  • Activities for working with line and bar graphs.
  • Number lines for placement of integers, decimals, and fractions.
  • Percent of numbers basic and advanced, ratio conversions, and percent and decimals.
  • Exponents, mean, median, mode, and range, roman numerals, roots, and scientific notation.
  • Circle and table drills for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice.
  • Across-downs, addition box, magic squares, multiplication box, number patterns, secret trails, and sudoku.

Math Resource Studio Professional  7.0.153

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Installation Instructions

  • Install software
  • Copy the file MathResourceStudio7 to the software installation directory
  • Completed

Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition 2021.2.4 + Content Free Download

Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition helps you create perfect teaching templates, worksheets, and grade tests for elementary students in just a few clicks. It’s fun to use, tested by 1000’s of teachers, and as familiar as Microsoft Word. Furthermore, Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition has improved the usability of the equation editor by adding better undo/redo support to the editor. Also, when selecting a formula from the drop-down menu, it will now no longer replace the existing formula, but expand it. This way you can’t accidentally overwrite your formula.

This program now extended the symbol drop-down list in the upper text formatting toolbar with a set of additional useful symbols. You fill now find symbols for “more or equal,” “less or equal,” a degree sign, and various checked and unchecked boxes in there.

The background of the speech bubble can now optionally be filled with white background. This allows you to place the bubble on the colored background without causing the text to be less readable. Here is an example where the bubble is placed on top of an image:

Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition 2021 Features

  • Craft your own worksheets in a few clicks. It’s fun to use, tested by 1000+ teachers, and as familiar as Microsoft Word.
  • Choose from professional exercises templates designed by teachers, or modify the designs with your own text.
  • Automatically generate and tweak your templates in a few clicks, or manually create exercises whenever you want.
  • Freely design your worksheets using built-in clip art, speech bubbles and more. Comes with 2000+ FREE clip art designs out of the box.
  • Every class is different. Individualize your worksheets on the fly to meet your classroom’s individual needs.
  • If you use Microsoft Word, you can export full or partial worksheets into MS Word with one click.
  • Share your worksheets with colleagues and teachers online, and access thousands of other teacher-created templates
  • Handcrafted in close cooperation with thousands of teachers who use it daily in today’s classrooms.
  • Give your students the possibility to control their results on their own. For you this just requires a few clicks.

Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition 2021.2.4 Build 115 + Content

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Installation Instructions

  • Add the following lines to the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

  • Install software
  • Copy the WorksheetCrafter file into the software installation directory
  • Start the program. Use the correct data below to register

Email: chaos363
Key: DD25-FFD9-8010-33DB

  • Install content packs
  • Completed

iSpring Suite 10.0.4 Free Download

iSpring Suite is a software that adds a tab to the PowerPoint program and provides access to all advanced e-Learning features right in the familiar PowerPoint environment. Create engaging courses, video lectures, quizzes and reviews. Using a variety of e-Learning materials, your presentations will make the learning process more efficient for your students.

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