Luminar AI 1.4.1 (8358) Free Download

Luminar AI is an advanced and fast image editor fully powered by AI. It is awesome, fast and the first image editor fully powered by artificial intelligence. With Luminar AI, creating striking photos is fun and surprisingly easy. 

You can add realistic atmospheric effects with 3D depth, fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle, with Atmosphere AI. Create a magical mood without masks and layers.

Moreover, you can enhance details in all the right places, without overdoing it. Structure AI recognizes people, water, skies and objects. Add depth and clarity to a scene to just the needed areas.

Features of Luminar AI

  • Color Harmony
  • Super contrast
  • Achieve great composition from any angle
  • Give a magic touch to people & portraits
  • Make bodies appear lighter or add weight where needed
  • Create expressive and breathtaking eyes
  • Improve faces naturally, enhance lips, teeth
  • Instantly remove blemishes while preserving pores
  • Get natural lighting and life-like color for every portrait
  • Emulate the stunning background haziness of a high-quality lens

Luminar AI 1.4.1 (8358)

Size:   821 MB

Google drive :   DOWNLOAD  | Mega :   DOWNLOAD

Decompression pass:

Installation Instructions

  • Make sure you have the latest .NET Framework and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installed on your system.
  • You have the following options:
  • Add the following lines to hosts: (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) canonicalizer.ucsuri.tcs

  • or Use a firewall to block all incoming and outgoing connections.
  • or You can also use it in completely offline mode.
  • Install. (You might need to load Luminar AI once before swapping the fix.)
  • Replace patched file.
  • Merge provided reg.

Note: If you didn’t properly block it you will end up with trial expired warning, delete Luminar AI folder completely in the following path and add lines above to hosts: