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Revit 2016 improves performance when navigating a view, use this new option to interrupt the display of model elements as you move through the model. This feature allows you to navigate the model smoothly and continuously, panning, zooming, and orbiting around the view without waiting for the software to finish drawing elements at each step

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You can now quickly isolate selected elements in an ‘unobstructed’ 3D view –  by clicking on a new feature on the Modify tab on the ribbon.   Great new feature, previously available in a couple of Add-ins. If you select objects in a 3D view, then this feature enables a section box, and crops it around the selected elements;  from any other view type, it takes you to a cropped 3D default view.   It might be annoying if you have a section box already in your 3D view – because it resizes the existing section box that you might have spent hours getting just right.

Download Revit 2016 Full

Size: 2.65 GB

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Installation and activation Instructions

  • ‘Serial Number’ 666-69696969
  • ‘Product Key’  829H1
  • use Xforce to activate

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